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[end-blohn] /ˈɛndˌbloʊn/

(of a flute) having a mouthpiece at the end of the tube so that the player blows into the instrument.
Compare (def 2).
(music) (of a recorder) held downwards and blown through one end


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  • Endbrain

    [end-breyn] /ˈɛndˌbreɪn/ noun 1. the telencephalon. /ˈɛndˌbreɪn/ noun 1. (anatomy) another name for telencephalon endbrain end·brain (ěnd’brān’) n. See telencephalon.

  • End-brush

    noun, Cell Biology. 1. an abundant, tuftlike branching at the axon ending of certain nerve cells.

  • End bud

    end bud n. See tail bud.

  • End-bulb

    noun, Anatomy. 1. any of various types of oval or rounded structures occurring at the ends of nerve fibers, ranging from slight enlargements to complex corpuscles that act as sensory receptors for pain, touch, cold, etc. end bulb n. One of the oval or rounded bodies in which a sensory nerve fiber terminates.

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