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a man at one end of a row or line.
a man at either end of the line of performers of a minstrel troupe, who plays on the bones or tambourine and carries on humorous dialogue with the interlocutor.


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    noun, Printing. 1. . noun, Printing. 1. the parts of a book that appear after the main text, as bibliography, index, and appendixes. noun 1. another name for back matter noun 1. the parts of a book, such as the index and appendices, that follow the main text Also called end matter

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    noun, Mineralogy. 1. either of two pure compounds occurring in various proportions in a series of solid solutions that comprises a mineral group.

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    [end-mohst] /ˈɛndˌmoʊst/ adjective 1. farthest; most distant; last: the endmost lands of the earth. /ˈɛndˌməʊst/ adjective 1. nearest the end; most distant

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    noun 1. (in a milling machine) a rotating cutting tool having a cylindrical shank with teeth at the end, used for machining the faces and sides of metal pieces and other objects.

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