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end-tidal adj.
At the end of a normal exhalation.


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  • End-to-end

    [end] /ɛnd/ noun 1. the last part or extremity, lengthwise, of anything that is longer than it is wide or broad: the end of a street; the end of a rope. 2. a point, line, or limitation that indicates the full extent, degree, etc., of something; limit; bounds: kindness without end; to walk from end […]

  • End-to-end solution

    jargon (E2ES) A term that suggests that the supplier of an application program or system will provide all the hardware and/or software components and resouces to meet the customer’s requirement and no other supplier need be involved. Compare: turn-key solution. (2006-03-30)

  • End transmission block

    character (ETB) The mnemonic for ASCII character 23. (1996-06-28)

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    [en-doo, -dyoo] /ɛnˈdu, -ˈdyu/ verb (used with object), endued, enduing. 1. to invest or endow with some gift, quality, or faculty. 2. to put on; assume: Hamlet endued the character of a madman. 3. to clothe. /ɪnˈdjuː/ verb (transitive) -dues, -duing, -dued 1. (usually foll by with) to invest or provide, as with some quality […]

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