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endocervicitis en·do·cer·vi·ci·tis (ěn’dō-sûr’vĭ-sī’tĭs)
Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterine cervix. Also called endotrachelitis.


Read Also:

  • Endocervix

    endocervix en·do·cer·vix (ěn’dō-sûr’vĭks) n. The mucous membrane of the uterine cervical canal.

  • Endochondral bone

    endochondral bone en·do·chon·dral bone (ěn’dō-kŏn’drəl) n. See cartilage bone.

  • Endochondral ossification

    endochondral ossification n. The formation of bone tissue within cartilage; the process by which bones grow in length.

  • Endocolitis

    endocolitis en·do·co·li·tis (ěn’dō-kə-lī’tĭs) n. Simple inflammation of the colon.

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