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[en-doh-lith-ik] /ˌɛn doʊˈlɪθ ɪk/

living embedded in the surface of rocks, as certain lichens.
(of organisms, such as algae) growing inside rock


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  • Endolymphatic duct

    endolymphatic duct n. A small membranous canal connecting with the saccule and the utricle of the membranous labyrinth and terminating in the endolymphatic sac.

  • Endolymphatic hydrops

    endolymphatic hydrops n. See Ménière’s disease.

  • Endolymphatic sac

    endolymphatic sac n. The dilated blind extremity of the endolymphatic duct.

  • Endomembrane

    [en-doh-mem-breyn] /ˈɛn doʊˌmɛm breɪn/ noun, Cell Biology. 1. the outer of any of the organelles within the cell.

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