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[en-doh-mahy-oh-kahr-dahy-tis] /ˌɛn doʊˌmaɪ oʊ kɑrˈdaɪ tɪs/

noun, Pathology.
inflammation of the heart muscle and the inner lining of the heart.

endomyocarditis en·do·my·o·car·di·tis (ěn’dō-mī’ō-kär-dī’tĭs)
Inflammation of the endocardial and the myocardial membrane.


Read Also:

  • Endomyometritis

    endomyometritis en·do·my·o·me·tri·tis (ěn’dō-mī’ō-mĭ-trī’tĭs) n. Sepsis involving the tissues of the uterus occurring after a cesarean section.

  • Endomysium

    endomysium en·do·mys·i·um (ěn’dō-mĭs’ē-əm, -mĭz’-) n. The fine connective tissue sheath surrounding a muscle fiber.

  • Endoneuritis

    endoneuritis en·do·neu·ri·tis (ěn’dō-nu-rī’tĭs, -nyu-) n. Inflammation of the endoneurium.

  • Endoneurium

    /ˌɛndəʊˈnjʊərɪəm/ noun 1. the delicate connective tissue surrounding nerve fibres within a bundle endoneurium en·do·neu·ri·um (ěn’dō-nur’ē-əm, -nyur’-) n. pl. en·do·neu·ri·a (-nur’ē-ə, -nyur’-) The delicate connective tissue enveloping individual nerve fibers within a peripheral nerve. Also called Henle’s sheath.

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