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[en-fleym] /ɛnˈfleɪm/

verb (used with or without object), enflamed, enflaming.


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  • Enflames

    [en-fleym] /ɛnˈfleɪm/ verb (used with or without object), enflamed, enflaming. 1. .

  • Enfleurage

    [ahn-fluh-rahzh; French ahn-flœ-razh] /ˌɑ̃ fləˈrɑʒ; French ɑ̃ flœˈraʒ/ noun 1. a process of extracting perfumes by exposing inodorous oils or fats to the exhalations of flowers. /ɑ̃flœraʒ/ noun 1. the process of exposing odourless oils to the scent of fresh flowers, used in perfume-making

  • Enflurane

    [en-floo-reyn] /ˈɛn flʊˌreɪn/ noun, Pharmacology. 1. a volatile liquid, C 3 H 2 ClF 5 O, used as a general anesthetic in surgery.

  • Enfold

    [en-fohld] /ɛnˈfoʊld/ verb (used with object) 1. to wrap up; envelop: to enfold someone in a cloak. 2. to surround as if with : He wished to enfold her in the warmth of his love. What happened is enfolded in mystery. 3. to hug or clasp; embrace: She enfolded him in her arms. 4. to […]

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