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[en-han-ser, -hahn-] /ɛnˈhæn sər, -ˈhɑn-/

a person or thing that .
Genetics. a gene or gene fragment that activates other genes.


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    [en-hahr-mon-ik] /ˌɛn hɑrˈmɒn ɪk/ adjective, Music. 1. having the same pitch in the tempered scale but written in different notation, as G sharp and A flat. /ˌɛnhɑːˈmɒnɪk/ adjective (music) 1. denoting or relating to a small difference in pitch between two notes such as A flat and G sharp: not present in instruments of equal […]

  • Enharmonic modulation

    noun 1. (music) a change of key achieved by regarding a note in one key as an equivalent note in another. Thus E flat in the key of A flat could be regarded as D sharp in the key of B major

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    [en-hahr-tn] /ɛnˈhɑr tn/ verb (used with object) 1. to .

  • Enheartened

    [en-hahr-tn] /ɛnˈhɑr tn/ verb (used with object) 1. to .

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