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[ih-nawr-muh s-nis] /ɪˈnɔr məs nɪs/

very great or abnormal size, bulk, degree, etc.; immensity; hugeness.


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    /ˈiːnəʊz/ noun 1. an electronic device which can detect bacteria, disease, etc by means of a computerized chemical sensing system

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    [ih-noh-sis, ee-noh-; Greek e-naw-sees] /ɪˈnoʊ sɪs, iˈnoʊ-; Greek ˈɛ nɔ sis/ noun, (sometimes initial capital letter) 1. a movement for securing the political union of Greece and Cyprus. /ˈɛnəʊsɪs/ noun 1. the union of Greece and Cyprus: the aim of a group of Greek Cypriots noun a movement to bring about the political unification of […]

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    enostosis en·os·to·sis (ěn’ŏ-stō’sĭs) n. pl. en·os·to·ses (-sēz) A mass of proliferating bone tissue within a bone.

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