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Enrico fermi

[fur-mee; Italian fer-mee] /ˈfɜr mi; Italian ˈfɛr mi/

[en-ree-koh;; Italian en-ree-kaw] /ɛnˈri koʊ;; Italian ɛnˈri kɔ/ (Show IPA), 1901–54, Italian physicist, in the U.S. after 1939: Nobel Prize 1938.
a unit of length used in nuclear physics equal to 10–15 metre
/ˈfɜːmɪ; Italian ˈfɛrmi/
Enrico (enˈriːko). 1901-54, Italian nuclear physicist, in the US from 1939. He was awarded a Nobel prize for physics in 1938 for his work on radioactive substances and nuclear bombardment and headed the group that produced the first controlled nuclear reaction (1942)
Italian-born American physicist who won a 1938 Nobel Prize for his research on neutrons. In 1942, with Leo Szilard, Fermi built the world’s first nuclear reactor. He also discovered over 40 new isotopes, including the element fermium, which is named for him.


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