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[en-tuh-ral-juh, -jee-uh] /ˌɛn təˈræl dʒə, -dʒi ə/

noun, Pathology.
pain in the intestine; colic.

enteralgia en·ter·al·gi·a (ěn’tə-rāl’jē-ə, -jə)
Severe abdominal pain accompanying spasms of the intestine.
en’ter·al’gic (-jĭk) adj.


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    [en-ter-uh l] /ˈɛn tər əl/ adjective 1. . enteral en·ter·al (ěn’tər-əl) adj. en’ter·al·ly adv.

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    enterectasis en·ter·ec·ta·sis (ěn’tə-rěk’tə-sĭs) n. Dilation or distention of the intestine.

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    [en-tuh-rek-tuh-mee] /ˌɛn təˈrɛk tə mi/ noun, plural enterectomies. Surgery. 1. excision of part of the intestine. /ˌɛntəˈrɛktəmɪ/ noun (pl) -mies 1. surgical excision of part of the intestine enterectomy en·ter·ec·to·my (ěn’tə-rěk’tə-mē) n. Surgical removal of a segment of the intestine.

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