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Extroversion iNtuition Thinking Judging (Myers-Briggs [personality] Type Indicator)


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  • Ento-

    1. a combining form meaning “within,” used in the formation of compound words: entoderm. combining form 1. inside; within: entoderm word-forming element meaning “within, inside, inner,” from Greek ento-, comb. form of entos “within, inside” (cognate with Latin intus), from PIE *entos, from *en “in” (see in) + adverbial suffix -tos, denoting origin. ento- or […]

  • Entoblast

    [en-tuh-blast] /ˈɛn təˌblæst/ noun, Embryology. 1. . 2. (def 2). /ˈɛntəʊˌblæst/ noun 1. (embryol) a less common name for endoderm 2. a less common name for hypoblast entoblast en·to·blast (ěn’tə-blāst’) or en·do·blast (ěn’də-) n. Any of the blastomeres of an embryo from which the endoderm develops.

  • Entocele

    entocele en·to·cele (ěn’tə-sēl’) n. An internal hernia.

  • Entochoroidea

    entochoroidea en·to·cho·roi·de·a (ěn’tō-kə-roi’dē-ə, -kô-) n. See choriocapillary layer.

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