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[en-tran-sing, -trahn-] /ɛnˈtræn sɪŋ, -ˈtrɑn-/

delightful; enchanting.


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  • Entrant

    [en-truh nt] /ˈɛn trənt/ noun 1. a competitor in a contest. 2. a new member, as of an association or school. 3. a person who . /ˈɛntrənt/ noun 1. a person who enters 2. a new member of a group, society, or association 3. a person who enters a competition or contest; competitor n. 1630s, […]

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    entrapment neuropathy en·trap·ment neuropathy (ěn-trāp’mənt) n. Neuritis in which a neuron is continually irritated by compression created by encroachment or impingement of a nearby anatomical structure.

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