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  • Enweave

    [en-weev] /ɛnˈwiv/ verb (used with object), enwove or enweaved, enwoven or enwove or enweaved, enweaving. 1. .

  • Enwheel

    [en-hweel, -weel] /ɛnˈʰwil, -ˈwil/ verb (used with object), Obsolete. 1. to encircle.

  • Enwind

    [en-wahynd] /ɛnˈwaɪnd/ verb (used with object), enwound, enwinding. 1. to or coil about; encircle. /ɪnˈwaɪnd/ verb -winds, -winding, -wound 1. (transitive) to wind or coil around; encircle v. 1590s (implied in inwinding), from en- (1) + wind (v.). Related: Enwound; enwinding.

  • Enwomb

    [en-woom] /ɛnˈwum/ verb (used with object) 1. to enclose in or as if in the . /ɪnˈwuːm/ verb 1. (transitive; often passive) to enclose in or as if in a womb

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