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end of job


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  • Eo-ipso

    [ey-oh ip-soh; English ee-oh ip-soh] /ˈeɪ oʊ ˈɪp soʊ; English ˈi oʊ ˈɪp soʊ/ adverb, Latin. 1. by that very fact.

  • Eol

    1. End Of Line. 2. Expression Oriented Language. A low-level language for strings. Versions: EOL-1, EOL-2, EOL-3. [“EOL – A Symbol Manipulation Language”, L. Lukaszewicz, Computer J 10(1):53 (May 1967)]. [Jargon File] end of line

  • Eolian

    [ee-oh-lee-uh n] /iˈoʊ li ən/ adjective 1. (lowercase) Geology. noting or pertaining to sand or rock material carried or arranged by the wind. 2. . noun 3. (def 3). [ee-oh-lee-uh n] /iˈoʊ li ən/ adjective 1. Also, Aeolic. belonging to a nation of people in ancient Greece named after , its legendary founder. noun 2. […]

  • Eolic

    [ee-ol-ik] /iˈɒl ɪk/ noun, adjective 1. . [ee-ol-ik] /iˈɒl ɪk/ noun 1. the Greek dialect of ancient Aeolis and Thessaly; . adjective 2. Architecture. noting or pertaining to a capital used in the Greek territories of the eastern Aegean in the 7th and 6th centuries b.c., having two volutes rising from a shaft in opposite […]

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