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[ih-fed-ruh, ef-i-druh] /ɪˈfɛd rə, ˈɛf ɪ drə/

any of various plants of the genus Ephedra, growing in dry regions and having branching stems with dry scalelike leaves.
any gymnosperm shrub of the genus Ephedra, of warm regions of America and Eurasia: the source of ephedrine: family Ephedraceae, phylum Gnetophyta

genus of low, branchy desert shrubs, 1914, from Modern Latin (1737) from Greek ephedra, a name given by Pliny to the horsetail, literally “sitting upon,” from fem. of ephedros, from epi “on” (see epi-) + hedra “seat, base, chair, face of a geometric solid” (see sedentary). The reason for the name is not known.


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