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[ef-awr, ef-er] /ˈɛf ɔr, ˈɛf ər/

noun, plural ephors, ephori
[ef-uh-rahy] /ˈɛf əˌraɪ/ (Show IPA)
one of a body of magistrates in various ancient Dorian states, especially at Sparta, where a body of five was elected annually by the people.
noun (pl) -ors, -ori (-əˌraɪ)
(in ancient Greece) one of a board of senior magistrates in any of several Dorian states, esp the five Spartan ephors, who were elected by vote of all full citizens and who wielded effective power

“Spartan magistrate,” 1580s, from Greek ephoros “overseer,” from epi- “over” (see epi-) + horan “to see” (see warrant (n.)).


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