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See under (def 5).
[muh-shee-nuh-ree] /məˈʃi nə ri/
noun, plural machineries.
an assemblage of or mechanical apparatuses:
the machinery of a factory.
the parts of a , collectively:
the machinery of a watch.
a group of people or a system by which action is maintained or by which some result is obtained:
the machinery of government.
a group of contrivances for producing stage effects.
the group or aggregate of literary , especially those of supernatural agency (epic machinery) in an epic poem.
noun (pl) -eries
machines, machine parts, or machine systems collectively
a particular machine system or set of machines
a system similar to a machine: the machinery of government
literary devices used for effect in epic poetry

1680s; from machine (n.) + -ery. Originally theatrical, “devices for creating stage effects” (which also was a sense of Greek mekhane); meaning “machines collectively” is attested from 1731. Middle English had machinament “a contrivance” (early 15c.).



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