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Epidemic neuromyasthenia

epidemic neuromyasthenia n.
An epidemic disease characterized by stiffness of the neck and back, headache, diarrhea, fever, and localized muscular weakness. Also called benign myalgic encephalomyelitis, Iceland disease.


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  • Epidemic parotitis

    noun 1. another name for mumps epidemic parotitis n. See mumps.

  • Epidemic parotitis virus

    epidemic parotitis virus n. See mumps virus.

  • Epidemic-pleurodynia

    noun, Pathology. 1. (def 2). [ploo r-uh-din-ee-uh] /ˌplʊər əˈdɪn i ə/ noun, Pathology. 1. pain in the chest or side. 2. Also called epidemic pleurodynia, devil’s grip. an epidemic disease caused by a coxsackievirus, characterized by sudden chest pain, mild fever, and recurrence on the third day of these symptoms. /ˌplʊərəʊˈdaɪnɪə/ noun 1. pain in […]

  • Epidemic pleurodynia virus

    epidemic pleurodynia virus n. A strain of coxsackievirus that causes epidemic pleurodynia. Also called Bornholm disease virus.

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