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[ep-uh-nef-rin, -reen] /ˌɛp əˈnɛf rɪn, -rin/

Biochemistry. a hormone secreted by the adrenal medulla upon stimulation by the central nervous system in response to stress, as anger or fear, and acting to increase heart rate, blood pressure, cardiac output, and carbohydrate metabolism.
Pharmacology. a commercial form of this substance, extracted from the adrenal glands of sheep and cattle, or synthesized: used chiefly as a heart stimulant, to constrict the blood vessels, and to relax the bronchi in asthma.
/ˌɛpɪˈnɛfrɪn; -riːn/
a US name for adrenaline

1883, from epi- “upon” + Greek nephros “kidney” (see nephron) + chemical suffix -ine (2). So called because the adrenal glands are on the kidneys.

epinephrine ep·i·neph·rine or ep·i·neph·rin (ěp’ə-něf’rĭn)

A hormone that is secreted by the adrenal gland in response to physical or mental stress, as from fear, and is regulated by the autonomic nervous system. The release of epinephrine causes an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate. Epinephrine also raises glucose levels in the blood for use as fuel when more alertness or greater physical effort is needed. Also called adrenaline. Chemical formula: C9H13NO3.


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