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Epiphysial aseptic necrosis

epiphysial aseptic necrosis n.
Aseptic necrosis of bony epiphyses that may be due to obstruction of normal blood supply.


Read Also:

  • Epiphysial cartilage

    epiphysial cartilage n. The disk of cartilage between the shaft and the epiphysis of a long bone during its growth. Also called epiphysial plate.

  • Epiphysial line

    epiphysial line n. The line of junction of the epiphysis and diaphysis of a long bone where growth in length occurs.

  • Epiphysial plate

    epiphysial plate n. See epiphysial cartilage.

  • Epiphysiolysis

    epiphysiolysis ep·i·phys·i·ol·y·sis (ěp’ə-fĭz’ē-ŏl’ĭ-sĭs) n. The loosening or separation, either partial or complete, of an epiphysis from the shaft of a bone.

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