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[ep-uh-fahy-tot-ik] /ˌɛp ə faɪˈtɒt ɪk/

(of a disease) destroying a large number of plants in an area at the same time.
the widespread, destructive outbreak of a plant disease.
(of plant diseases and parasites) affecting plants over a wide geographical region
Relating to or characterized by a sudden or abnormally destructive outbreak of a plant disease, usually over an extended geographic area.


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  • Epipial

    epipial ep·i·pi·al (ěp’ə-pī’əl, -pē’əl) adj. Located or positioned on the pia mater.

  • Epiplo-

    epiplo- pref. Omentum: epiploic.

  • Epiploic

    epiploic ep·i·plo·ic (ěp’ə-plō’ĭk) adj. Omental.

  • Epiploic appendix

    epiploic appendix n. Any of several small processes or sacs of peritoneum, generally distended with fat and projecting from the serous coat of the large intestine. Also called epiploic appendage.

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