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episcleral ep·i·scle·ral (ěp’ĭ-sklēr’əl)


Read Also:

  • Episcleral space

    episcleral space n. The space between the sheath of eyeball and the sclera. Also called Tenon’s space.

  • Episcleral vein

    episcleral vein n. Any of a series of small venules in the sclera of the eye close to the corneal margin that empty into the anterior ciliary veins.

  • Episcleritis

    episcleritis ep·i·scle·ri·tis (ěp’ĭ-sklə-rī’tĭs) n. Inflammation of the episcleral tissue.

  • Episcopacy

    [ih-pis-kuh-puh-see] /ɪˈpɪs kə pə si/ noun, plural episcopacies. 1. government of the church by bishops; church government in which there are three distinct orders of ministers, namely bishops, priests or presbyters, and deacons. 2. . /ɪˈpɪskəpəsɪ/ noun (pl) -cies 1. government of a Church by bishops 2. another word for episcopate n. 1640s; see episcopal […]

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