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episio- pref.
Vulva: episiotomy.


Read Also:

  • Episioperineorrhaphy

    episioperineorrhaphy e·pis·i·o·per·i·ne·or·rha·phy (ĭ-pĭz’ē-ō-pěr’ə-nē-ôr’ə-fē, ĭ-pē’zē-) n. Suture of the perineum and vulva.

  • Episioplasty

    episioplasty e·pis·i·o·plas·ty (ĭ-pĭz’ē-ō-plās’tē, ĭ-pē’zē-) n. Surgical repair of a defect of the vulva.

  • Episiorrhaphy

    episiorrhaphy e·pis·i·or·rha·phy (ĭ-pĭz’ē-ôr’ə-fē, ĭ-pē’zē-) n. Suture of a lacerated vulva.

  • Episiostenosis

    episiostenosis e·pis·i·o·ste·no·sis (ĭ-pĭz’ē-ō-stə-nō’sĭs, ĭ-pē’zē-) n. Contraction or narrowing of the vulvar orifice.

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