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a New Testament letter written by St. Paul the Apostle to the Christian churches of Galatia.


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    was probably written about the same time as the first epistle to Timothy, with which it has many affinities. “Both letters were addressed to persons left by the writer to preside in their respective churches during his absence. Both letters are principally occupied in describing the qualifications to be sought for in those whom they […]

  • Epistle to the romans

    This epistle was probably written at Corinth. Phoebe (Rom. 16:1) of Cenchrea conveyed it to Rome, and Gaius of Corinth entertained the apostle at the time of his writing it (16:23; 1 Cor. 1:14), and Erastus was chamberlain of the city, i.e., of Corinth (2 Tim. 4:20). The precise time at which it was written […]

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    [ih-pis-tl-er-ee] /ɪˈpɪs tlˌɛr i/ adjective 1. contained in or carried on by letters: an epistolary friendship. 2. of, relating to, or consisting of letters. /ɪˈpɪstələrɪ/ adjective 1. relating to, denoting, conducted by, or contained in letters 2. (of a novel or other work) constructed in the form of a series of letters adj. 1650s, from […]

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    noun 1. a novel written in the form of a series of letters.

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