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[ih-kwol-i-tee] /ɪˈkwɒl ɪ ti/

noun, plural equalities.
the state or quality of being ; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability:
promoting equality of opportunity in the workplace.
uniform character, as of motion or surface.
Mathematics. a statement that two quantities are equal; equation.
noun (pl) -ties
the state of being equal
(maths) a statement, usually an equation, indicating that quantities or expressions on either side of an equal sign are equal in value

late 14c., “evenness of surface, uniformity of size;” c.1400, in reference to amount or number, from Old French equalité (Modern French égalité, which form dates from 17c.), from Latin aequalitatem (nominative aequalitas) “equality, similarity, likeness” (also sometimes with reference to civil rights), from aequalis (see equal). Of privileges, rights, etc., from 1520s.


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