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[ee-kwuh l] /ˈi kwəl/

as great as; the same as (often followed by to or with):
The velocity of sound is not equal to that of light.
like or alike in quantity, degree, value, etc.; of the same rank, ability, merit, etc.:
two students of equal brilliance.
evenly proportioned or balanced:
an equal contest.
uniform in operation or effect:
equal laws.
adequate or sufficient in quantity or degree:
The supply is equal to the demand.
having adequate powers, ability, or means:
He was equal to the task.
level, as a plain.
tranquil or undisturbed:
to confront death with an equal mind.
impartial or equitable.
a person or thing that is equal.
verb (used with object), equaled, equaling or (especially British) equalled, equalling.
to be or become equal to; meet or match:
So far the rate of production doesn’t equal the demand. If A equals B and B equals C, then A equals C.
to make or do something equal to:
No matter how he tries, he can’t equal his brother’s achievements.
Archaic. to make equal; .
Obsolete. to recompense fully.
often foll by to or with. identical in size, quantity, degree, intensity, etc; the same (as)
having identical privileges, rights, status, etc: all men are equal before the law
having uniform effect or application: equal opportunities
evenly balanced or proportioned: the game was equal between the teams
(usually foll by to) having the necessary or adequate strength, ability, means, etc (for): to be equal to one’s work
another word for equivalent (sense 3a)
a person or thing equal to another, esp in merit, ability, etc: he has no equal when it comes to boxing
verb equals, equalling, equalled (US) equals, equaling, equaled
(transitive) to be equal to; correspond to; match: my offer equals his
(intransitive) usually foll by out. to become equal or level
(transitive) to make, perform, or do something equal to: to equal the world record
(transitive) (archaic) to make equal

late 14c., from Latin aequalis “uniform, identical, equal,” from aequus “level, even, just,” of unknown origin. Parallel formation egal (from Old French egal) was in use late 14c.-17c. The noun is recorded from 1570s.

1580s, “compare, liken,” also “match, rival,” from equal (adj.). Related: Equaled; equaling.
“=”, ASCII character 61.
Common names: ITU-T: equals; gets; takes. Rare: quadrathorpe; INTERCAL: half-mesh.
Equals is used in many languages as the assignment operator though earlier languages used “:=” (“becomes equal to”) to avoid upsetting mathematicians with statements such as “x = x+1”. It is also used in compounds such as “=”, “==”, “/=”, “!=” for various comparison operators and in C’s “+=”, “*=” etc. which mimic the primitive operations of two-address code.
In addition to the idioms beginning with equal
equal to


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