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Equatorial mount

equatorial mount
A mounting for astronomical telescopes having two axes, one of which revolves about an axis that is parallel to the axis of the Earth’s rotation. This axis can be driven by a motor at a rate equal to the diurnal motion of the celestial object being viewed, allowing the telescope to keep the object in view for long periods without adjustment. The other axis, perpendicular to the first, has free movement that allows the telescope to be pointed anywhere in the sky. Compare altazimuth mount.


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  • Equatorial-plate

    noun, Cell Biology. 1. the central plane of the spindle in a dividing cell, to which chromosomes migrate during the metaphase of mitosis or meiosis. equatorial plate n. The plane located midway between the poles of a dividing cell during miotic metaphase and touching the centromeres and their spindle attachments.

  • Equatorial staphyloma

    equatorial staphyloma n. A staphyloma occurring in the area of exit of the vortex veins of the eyeball. Also called scleral staphyloma.

  • Equatorial-tide

    noun 1. a semimonthly tide that appears when the moon is over the equator.

  • Equatorward

    [ih-kwey-ter-werd] /ɪˈkweɪ tər wərd/ adverb 1. toward the : a ship sailing equatorward. adjective 2. facing or tending toward the .

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