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[ih-kwil-uh-brist, ee-kwuh-lib-rist, ek-wuh-] /ɪˈkwɪl ə brɪst, ˌi kwəˈlɪb rɪst, ˌɛk wə-/

a performer who is skilled at balancing in unusual positions and hazardous movements, as a tightrope walker in a circus.
a person who performs balancing feats, esp on a high wire


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  • Equilibrium

    [ee-kwuh-lib-ree-uh m, ek-wuh-] /ˌi kwəˈlɪb ri əm, ˌɛk wə-/ noun, plural equilibriums, equilibria [ee-kwuh-lib-ree-uh, ek-wuh-] /ˌi kwəˈlɪb ri ə, ˌɛk wə-/ (Show IPA) 1. a state of rest or balance due to the equal action of opposing forces. 2. equal balance between any powers, influences, etc.; equality of effect. 3. mental or emotional balance; equanimity: […]

  • Equilibrium dialysis

    equilibrium dialysis n. A method for determining the association constants for hapten-antibody reactions, by placing hapten and antibody in compartments separated by a semipermeable membrane, thereby allowing hapten to diffuse across the membrane until its concentration reaches equilibrium.

  • Equilibrium-price

    noun 1. the price at which the quantity of a product offered is equal to the quantity of the product in demand.

  • Equilibrium-valve

    noun 1. (in a reciprocating engine) a valve opening a passage from one end of a cylinder to the other to equalize pressure upon both faces of the piston.

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