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[ee-kwuh-roht-l, ek-wuh-] /ˌi kwəˈroʊt l, ˌɛk wə-/

having wheels all of the same size or diameter, as a vehicle.


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    [ee-kwuh-prob-uh-buh l, ek-wuh-] /ˌi kwəˈprɒb ə bəl, ˌɛk wə-/ adjective 1. equal in probability. /ˌiːkwɪˈprɒbəbəl/ adjective 1. equally probable

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    [ee-kwuh-prob-uh-buh-liz-uh m, ek-wuh-] /ˌi kwəˈprɒb ə bəˌlɪz əm, ˌɛk wə-/ noun, Roman Catholic Theology. 1. a theory that in cases of doubt as to the lawfulness or unlawfulness of an action, it is permissible to follow either argument. Compare (def 2).

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