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[ih-rey-ser] /ɪˈreɪ sər/

a device, as a piece of rubber or cloth, for marks made with pen, pencil, chalk, etc.
a person or thing that .
an object, such as a piece of rubber or felt, used for erasing something written, typed, etc: a pencil eraser

“thing that erases writing,” 1790, American English, agent noun from erase. Originally a knife for scraping off the ink. As a rubber product for removing pencil marks, from 1858.


A knockout or a knockout punch (1940s+ Prizefight)
enhanced recognition and sensing radar


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    [ih-rey-zhuh n, -shuh n] /ɪˈreɪ ʒən, -ʃən/ noun 1. the act of erasing. 2. Surgery. /ɪˈreɪʒən/ noun 1. the act of erasing; erasure 2. the surgical scraping away of tissue, esp of bone

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