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[er-ik-suh n] /ˈɛr ɪk sən/

John, 1803–89, Swedish engineer and inventor; in the U.S. after 1839.
[er-ik-suh n] /ˈɛr ɪk sən/
[leef;; Icelandic leyv] /lif;; Icelandic leɪv/ (Show IPA), flourished a.d. c1000, Norse mariner: according to Icelandic saga, discoverer of Vinland (son of Eric the Red).
Leif (liːf). 10th–11th centuries ad, Norse navigator, who discovered Vinland (?1000), variously identified as the coast of New England, Labrador, or Newfoundland; son of Eric the Red


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