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fem. proper name, from Old High German Ermentrudis, from ermin “whole, universal” + trut “beloved, dear.”


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  • Ermine

    [ur-min] /ˈɜr mɪn/ noun, plural ermines (especially collectively) ermine. 1. an Old World weasel, Mustela erminea, having in its winter color phase a white coat with black at the tip of the tail. Compare . 2. any of various weasels having a white winter coat. 3. the lustrous, white, winter fur of the ermine, often […]

  • Ermine moth

    noun 1. Also called ermine. an arctiid moth of the genus Spilosoma, characterized by dark spots on the light coloured wings, and producing woolly bear caterpillars 2. small ermine, an unrelated micro, Yponomeuta padella

  • Ermite

    /ˈɜːmaɪt/ noun 1. a salty blue cheese made in Quebec, Canada

  • Ermoupoli

    /ɛrˈmupɔli/ noun 1. the modern Greek name for Hermoupolis

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