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[air-oo v, er-; Sephardic Hebrew e-roov; Ashkenazic Hebrew ey-roo v] /ˈɛər ʊv, ˈɛr-; Sephardic Hebrew ˈɛ ruv; Ashkenazic Hebrew ˈeɪ rʊv/

noun, plural eruvin
[air-oo-vin, er-; Sephardic Hebrew e-roo-veen; Ashkenazic Hebrew ey-roo -vin] /ˈɛər ʊˌvɪn, ˈɛr-; Sephardic Hebrew ɛ ruˈvin; Ashkenazic Hebrew eɪˈrʊ vɪn/ (Show IPA), eruvs. Judaism.
any of three rabbinical enactments that ease certain Sabbath restrictions.
a line delineating an area in which Orthodox Jews may carry on certain activities normally forbidden on the Sabbath.
/ˈɛəruːv; ˈɛruːv/
(Judaism) an area, circumscribed by a symbolic line, within which certain activities forbidden to Orthodox Jews on the Sabbath are permitted

a private area for observant Jews in which they can move on the Sabbath without the restrictions on public Sabbath activity
Word Origin

from Hebrew erub ‘mixing’, for the mixing of public and private activity
Usage Note

plural eruvim


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