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Erwin rommel

[rom-uh l, ruhm-; German rawm-uh l] /ˈrɒm əl, ˈrʌm-; German ˈrɔm əl/

[ur-win;; German er-veen] /ˈɜr wɪn;; German ˈɛr vin/ (Show IPA), (“the Desert Fox”) 1891–1944, German field marshal: commander of the German forces in North Africa in World War II.
/German ˈrɔməl/
Erwin (ˈɛrviːn), nicknamed the Desert Fox. 1891–1944, German field marshal, noted for his brilliant generalship in N Africa in World War II. Later a commander in N France, he committed suicide after the officers’ plot against Hitler


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