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erythralgia er·y·thral·gi·a (ěr’ə-thrāl’jē-ə, -jə)
A mottled reddening of the skin, usually accompanied by throbbing pain.


Read Also:

  • Erythrasma

    erythrasma er·y·thras·ma (ěr’ə-thrāz’mə) n. A bacterial skin infection characterized by reddish brown, slightly raised patches, especially in the armpits and groin.

  • Erythredema

    erythredema e·ryth·re·de·ma (ĭ-rĭth’rĭ-dē’mə) n. See acrodynia.

  • Erythremia

    erythremia er·y·thre·mi·a (ěr’ə-thrē’mē-ə) n. A chronic form of polycythemia of unknown cause, characterized by an increase in blood volume and red blood cells, bone marrow hyperplasia, redness or cyanosis of the skin, and enlargment of the spleen. Also called Osler’s disease, Osler-Vaquez disease, polycythemia rubra, polycythemia vera, Vaquez disease.

  • Erythremic myelosis

    erythremic myelosis er·y·threm·ic myelosis (ěr’ə-thrěm’ĭk, -thrē’mĭk) n. A neoplastic process involving the erythropoietic tissue, characterized by anemia, irregular fever, splenomegaly, hepatomegaly, hemorrhagic disorders, and the presence of numerous erythroblasts in all stages of maturation in the circulating blood.

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