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(Assur-akh-iddin) died 669 b.c, king of Assyria 681–669 b.c.
Historical Examples

He also died a violent death at the hand of his brother Esarhaddon.
History of the Jews, Vol. I (of 6) Heinrich Graetz

Certainly, he received from Esarhaddon a considerable extension of his dominions.
History of Phoenicia George Rawlinson

Thus strengthened Esarhaddon commenced a war with Egypt, the conquest285 of which his father had been obliged to relinquish.
History of the Jews, Vol. I (of 6) Heinrich Graetz

Not one of his predecessors had seemed more irresistible than Esarhaddon.
The Expositor’s Bible F. W. Farrar

Students of scriptural archæology will also appreciate the ‘History of Esarhaddon.’
The Sarva-Darsana-Samgraha Madhava Acharya

In the East, Esarhaddon kept the tribes of the Medes in subjection.
The History of Antiquity, Vol. III (of VI) Max Duncker

I caused a new city to be built, and called it the city of Esarhaddon.
The History of Antiquity, Vol. III (of VI) Max Duncker

The most important achievements of Esarhaddon were accomplished in the West.
The History of Antiquity, Vol. III (of VI) Max Duncker

This process was still going on, when either Esarhaddon died and the works were stopped, or the palace was destroyed by fire.
The Seven Great Monarchies Of The Ancient Eastern World, Vol 2. (of 7): Assyria George Rawlinson

Esarhaddon, hearing of this tragedy, gathered an army, and in a battle defeated Sharezer and established himself on the throne.
The World’s Greatest Books, Vol XI. Edited by Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton

Assur has given a brother, successor of Sennacherib (2 Kings 19:37; Isa. 37:38). He ascended the throne about B.C. 681. Nothing further is recorded of him in Scripture, except that he settled certain colonists in Samaria (Ezra 4:2). But from the monuments it appears that he was the most powerful of all the Assyrian monarchs. He built many temples and palaces, the most magnificent of which was the south-west palace at Nimrud, which is said to have been in its general design almost the same as Solomon’s palace, only much larger (1 Kings 7:1-12). In December B.C. 681 Sennacherib was murdered by two of his sons, who, after holding Nineveh for forty-two days, were compelled to fly to Erimenas of Ararat, or Armenia. Their brother Esarhaddon, who had been engaged in a campaign against Armenia, led his army against them. They were utterly overthrown in a battle fought April B.C. 680, near Malatiyeh, and in the following month Esarhaddon was crowned at Nineveh. He restored Babylon, conquered Egypt, and received tribute from Manasseh of Judah. He died in October B.C. 668, while on the march to suppress an Egyptian revolt, and was succeeded by his son Assur-bani-pal, whose younger brother was made viceroy of Babylonia.


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