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[ih-skey-pee, es-key-] /ɪ skeɪˈpi, ˌɛs keɪ-/

a person who , especially from a prison or other place of detention.
a person who has escaped, esp an escaped prisoner

1865, American English, from escape (v.) + -ee.


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  • Escape-hatch

    noun 1. a hatch used for emergency escape, as from a submarine or aircraft. 2. a means of avoiding a troublesome situation; a ready or handy way out. noun 1. a means of escape in an emergency, esp from a submarine

  • Escape-mechanism

    noun, Psychology. 1. a means of avoiding an unpleasant life situation, as daydreaming. noun 1. (psychol) any emotional or mental mechanism that enables a person to avoid acknowledging unpleasant or threatening realities See also escapism

  • Escapement

    [ih-skeyp-muh nt] /ɪˈskeɪp mənt/ noun 1. Horology. the portion of a watch or clock that measures beats and controls the speed of the going train. Compare , (def 1), . 2. a mechanism for regulating the motion of a typewriter carriage, consisting of pawls and a toothed wheel or rack. 3. a mechanism in a […]

  • Escapement-error

    noun, Horology. 1. loss of isochronism in the movement of a pendulum as a result of its relation to the escapement.

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