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[es-kuh-moh-uh-loot, -al-ee-oot] /ˈɛs kəˌmoʊ əˈlut, -ˈæl iˌut/

a stock of languages, consisting of Eskimo and Aleut.
of or belonging to Eskimo-Aleut.


Read Also:

  • Eskimo-curlew

    noun 1. a New World curlew, Numenius borealis, that breeds in northern North America: now nearly extinct.

  • Eskimo-dog

    noun 1. one of a breed of strong, medium-sized dogs having a dense, coarse coat, used in arctic regions for hunting and pulling sleds. 2. any dog of the arctic regions of North America used for pulling sleds. noun 1. a large powerful breed of sled dog with a long thick coat and curled tail

  • Eskimo-pie

    Trademark. 1. a small bar of ice cream coated with chocolate and skewered on a narrow, thin stick, by which it is held in the hand for eating.

  • Eskimo roll

    noun a complete rollover in kayaking, from upright to upside-down to upright

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