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[ey-lee-zawr, -zer] /eɪˈli zɔr, -zər/

noun, Law.


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    [em-es daws, -dos] /ˈɛmˌɛs ˈdɔs, -ˈdɒs/ Trademark. 1. an operating system for personal computers, originally developed by Microsoft for IBM computers. /ɛmˈɛsˈdɒs/ noun 1. trademark (computing) a type of disk operating system Microsoft Disk Operating System Microsoft Disk Operating System

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    Equipment Support Module

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    [ez-muh-ral-duh; Spanish es-me-rahl-dah] /ˌɛz məˈræl də; Spanish ˌɛs mɛˈrɑl dɑ/ noun 1. a female given name: from a Greek word meaning “emerald.”.

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