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[ez-muh nd] /ˈɛz mənd/

a male given name.


Read Also:

  • Esmr

    electronic scanning microwave radiometer

  • Esmtp

    messaging, protocol Extended SMTP. Initially defined in RFC 1869 and extended thereafter. See also ETRN. (1997-11-21) Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

  • Esn

    abbreviation 1. educationally subnormal; formerly used to designate a person of limited intelligence who needs special schooling

  • Esne

    [ez-nee, -ne] /ˈɛz ni, -nɛ/ noun 1. (in Anglo-Saxon England) a member of the lowest class; laborer. n. Old English esne “domestic slave,” from Proto-Germanic *asnjoz- “harvestman” (cf. Gothic asneis), from *asanoz- “harvest” (see earn).

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