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[es-puh n-yohl, -pan-; French e-spa-nyawl] /ˌɛs pənˈyoʊl, -pæn-; French ɛ spaˈnyɔl/



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  • Espagnolette

    [ih-span-yuh-let, ih-span-yuh-let] /ɪˈspæn yəˌlɛt, ɪˌspæn yəˈlɛt/ noun 1. (on a French window or the like) one of a pair of rods, controlled by a knob mechanism, having hooked ends that engage catches in the head and sill of the frame. 2. Furniture. a feature, often a bronze mount, set at the top of a leg […]

  • Espalier

    [ih-spal-yer, -yey] /ɪˈspæl yər, -yeɪ/ noun 1. a trellis or framework on which the trunk and branches of fruit trees or shrubs are trained to grow in one plane. 2. a plant so trained. verb (used with object) 3. to train on an espalier. 4. to furnish with an espalier. /ɪˈspæljə/ noun 1. an ornamental […]

  • Espana

    [es-pah-nyah] /ɛsˈpɑ nyɑ/ noun 1. Spanish name of . /esˈpaɲa/ noun 1. the Spanish name for Spain

  • Espanol

    [es-pah-nyawl] /ɛs pɑˈnyɔl/ Spanish. noun, plural españoles [es-pah-nyaw-les] /ɛs pɑˈnyɔ lɛs/ (Show IPA), for 2. 1. the Spanish language. 2. a native or inhabitant of Spain. adjective 3. of or relating to Spain, the Spanish people, or the Spanish language.

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