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[es-pluh-nahd, -neyd, es-pluh-nahd, -neyd] /ˈɛs pləˌnɑd, -ˌneɪd, ˌɛs pləˈnɑd, -ˈneɪd/

any open, level space, especially one serving for public walks or drives.
/ˌɛspləˈneɪd; -ˈnɑːd/
a long open level stretch of ground for walking along, esp beside the seashore Compare promenade (sense 1)
an open area in front of a fortified place, in which attackers are exposed to the defenders’ fire

1590s, from French esplanade (15c.), from Spanish esplanada “large level area,” noun use of fem. past participle of esplanar “make level,” from Latin explanare “to level” (see explain). Or perhaps the French word is from or influenced by Italian spianata, from spianare


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