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Entertainment Software Ratings Board


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  • Esrc

    abbreviation 1. Economic and Social Research Council

  • Esro

    /ˈɛzrəʊ/ noun acronym 1. European Space Research Organization

  • Esrog

    [es-rohg, -ruh g] /ˈɛs roʊg, -rəg/ noun, plural esrogim [es-roh-gim] /ɛsˈroʊ gɪm/ (Show IPA), esrogs. Judaism. 1. . [es-rohg, -ruh g, et-; Sephardic Hebrew et-rawg; Ashkenazic Hebrew es-rohg] /ˈɛs roʊg, -rəg, ˈɛt-; Sephardic Hebrew ɛtˈrɔg; Ashkenazic Hebrew ɛsˈroʊg/ noun, plural etrogs, etrogim [Sephardic Hebrew et-raw-geem; Ashkenazic Hebrew es-roh-gim] /Sephardic Hebrew ɛt rɔˈgim; Ashkenazic Hebrew ɛsˈroʊ […]

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    [es] /ɛs/ noun 1. the letter S, s. 2. something shaped like an S : The road wound among the mountains in great esses. 1. a suffix forming distinctively feminine nouns: countess; goddess; lioness. suffix 1. indicating a female: waitress, lioness fem. suffix, from French -esse, from Late Latin -issa, from Greek -issa (cognate with […]

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