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[es-tuh-kah-duh; Spanish es-taw-kah-th ah] /ˌɛs təˈkɑ də; Spanish ˌɛs tɔˈkɑ ðɑ/

the thrust of the sword by the matador into the bull in the final stage of a bullfight, designed to kill the bull.


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  • Essential telangiectasia

    essential telangiectasia n.

  • Essential tachycardia

    essential tachycardia n. Persistent rapid action of the heart that cannot be attributed to any discernible organic lesion.

  • Essential pruritus

    essential pruritus n. Itching that occurs independently of skin lesions.

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    essential pentosuria n. A benign inheritable disorder in which there is a regular execretion of pentoses in the urine, especially of xylulose. Also called primary pentosuria.

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