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[e-strahd] /ɛˈstrɑd/

a slightly raised platform in a room or hall.
a platform, as for a throne or bed of state.
a dais or raised platform


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    [es-truh-dahy-awl, -ol] /ˌɛs trəˈdaɪ ɔl, -ɒl/ noun 1. Biochemistry. an estrogenic hormone, C 18 H 24 O 2 , produced by the maturing Graafian follicle, that causes proliferation and thickening of the tissues and blood vessels of the endometrium. 2. Pharmacology. a commercial form of this compound, obtained from the urine of pregnant humans and […]

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    [es-truh-gon] /ˈɛs trəˌgɒn/ noun 1. . /ˈɛstrəˌɡɒn/ noun 1. another name for tarragon

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    [es-truh l] /ˈɛs trəl/ adjective 1. .

  • Estramustine phosphate sodium

    estramustine phosphate sodium es·tra·mus·tine phosphate sodium (ěs’trə-mŭs’tēn’) n. An antineoplastic agent that combines the actions of estrogen and nitrogen mustard in the treatment of carcinoma of the prostate.

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