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any of several major female sex hormones produced primarily by the ovarian follicles of female mammals, capable of inducing , developing and maintaining secondary female sex characteristics, and preparing the uterus for the reception of a fertilized egg: used, especially in synthetic form, as a component of oral contraceptives, in certain cancer treatments, and in other therapies.
Contemporary Examples

estrogen is the key hormone that solidifies protein in bones.
Breast Cancer Breakthrough? Gail Sheehy December 8, 2010

All 10 girls were in every single day, so there was a lot of estrogen.
Anna Kendrick on ‘Pitch Perfect 2,’ Drunken Horror Stories, and Singin’ Pharrell Marlow Stern July 23, 2014

There was even a weird sexual vibe to the Hillary campaign, driven, as it was, by all that estrogen.
A Crying Toddler Viral Video Reflects Cranky, Exhausting Election Michelle Cottle November 1, 2012

Manning would likely be prescribed some form of estrogen that would be taken orally, through injection, or by a skin patch.
Hormone Therapy Is More Than Just a Physical Process Brandy Zadrozny August 21, 2013

One gal chuckled to me about the nosebleed this shot of estrogen would give even some Grumpy Old Men in her own party.
Festival of Misogyny? Samantha Power Follows Susan Rice on Confirmation Hot Seat Michelle Cottle June 5, 2013

Young people are on estrogen Avenue and Testosterone Boulevard.
Hef’s Sexless Engagement Anneli Rufus July 27, 2011

Further, estrogen or carcinogen exposure over a lifetime leads to the development of cancer.
How Mom’s Hip Size Predicts Her Daughter’s Risk Kent L. Thornburg, PhD October 23, 2009

Fat actually converts testosterone into estrogen, the female hormone.
The Super Bowl May Harm Your Masculinity Arthur De Vany February 2, 2011

With a record number of women—184—running for House and Senate seats this year, Capitol Hill got an injection of estrogen.
Estrogen Fest: Key Women in the Race for Congress Abigail Pesta November 6, 2012

In fact, the estrogen that they employed did worse than castrate the subject—it could act as a cerebral depressant.
The Castration of Alan Turing, Britain’s Code-Breaking WWII Hero Clive Irving November 28, 2014

the usual US spelling of oestrogen

coined 1927 from estrus + -gen. So called for the hormone’s ability to produce estrus.

estrogen es·tro·gen or oes·tro·gen (ěs’trə-jən)
Any of several natural or synthetic substances formed by the ovary, placenta, testis, and certain plants, that stimulate the female secondary sex characteristics, exert systemic effects such as the growth and maturation of long bones, and are used to treat disorders due to estrogen deficiency and to ameliorate cancers of the breast and prostate. Also called estrin.
Any of a group of steroid hormones that primarily regulate the growth, development, and function of the female reproductive system. The main sources of estrogen in the body are the ovaries and the placenta. Estrogen-like compounds are also formed by certain plants.
estrogen [(es-truh-juhn)]

A group of hormones, secreted mainly by the ovaries, that influence the female reproductive system in many ways, notably in preparing the body for ovulation and in the development of female secondary sex characteristics.


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