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Eta abstraction

eta conversion


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  • Eta-aquarids

    [ey-tuh, ee-tuh] /ˈeɪ tə, ˈi tə/ noun, (used with a plural verb) Astronomy. 1. See under . [ak-wuh-rids, ah-kwuh-] /ˈæk wə rɪds, ˈɑ kwə-/ noun, (used with a plural verb) 1. either of two collections of meteors comprising meteor showers having their apparent origin in the constellation and visible either in early May (Eta Aquarids) […]

  • Eta-carinae

    noun 1. a star and its surrounding nebula in the constellation Carina: the star was brighter than every star except Sirius in the 1840s and now is of seventh magnitude; the nebula is the brightest infrared object in the nighttime sky.

  • Eta-c meson

    [ey-tuh-see, ee-tuh-] /ˈeɪ təˈsi, ˈi tə-/ noun, Physics. 1. a neutral meson having a mass 5832 times that of the electron and a mean lifetime of approximately 3.1 × 10 -22 seconds.

  • Eta conversion

    theory In lambda-calculus, the eta conversion rule states \ x . f x f provided x does not occur as a free variable in f and f is a function. Left to right is eta reduction, right to left is eta abstraction (or eta expansion). This conversion is only valid if bottom and \ x […]

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