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(ěth’ə-něth’ē-ôl’, -ōl’)
See ethyl mercaptan.


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  • Ethan-frome

    [frohm] /froʊm/ noun 1. a novel (1911) by Edith Wharton.

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    [eth-uh-nim; Sephardic Hebrew e-tah-neem] /ˈɛθ ə nɪm; Sephardic Hebrew ɛ tɑˈnim/ noun, Chiefly Biblical. 1. a month equivalent to Tishri in the modern Jewish calendar. I Kings 8:2. the month of gifts, i.e., of vintage offerings; called Tisri after the Exile; corresponding to part of September and October. It was the first month of the […]

  • Ethanoic acid

    /ˌɛθəˈnəʊɪk; ˌiːθə-/ noun 1. the modern name for acetic acid ethanoic acid eth·a·no·ic acid (ěth’ə-nō’ĭk) n. See acetic acid.

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    [eth-uh-nawl, -nol] /ˈɛθ əˌnɔl, -ˌnɒl/ noun, Chemistry. 1. (def 1). /ˈɛθəˌnɒl; ˈiːθə-/ noun 1. the technical name for alcohol (sense 1) n. 1900, contracted from ethane, to which it is the corresponding alcohol, + -ol, here indicating alcohol. ethanol eth·a·nol (ěth’ə-nôl’, -nōl’) n. See alcohol. ethanol (ěth’ə-nôl’) An alcohol obtained from the fermentation of sugars […]

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