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Ethmoidal sinus

ethmoidal sinus n.
Any of the evaginations of the mucous membrane of the middle and superior meatus of the nasal cavity, subdivided into anterior, middle, and posterior sinuses.


Read Also:

  • Ethmoid infundibulum

    ethmoid infundibulum n. A passage from the middle meatus of the nose communicating with the anterior ethmoidal cells and frontal sinus.

  • Ethmoiditis

    ethmoiditis eth·moid·i·tis (ěth’moi-dī’tĭs) n. Inflammation of the ethmoid sinuses.

  • Ethmoturbinal

    ethmoturbinal eth·mo·tur·bi·nal (ěth’mō-tûr’bə-nəl) adj. Relating to the superior and middle nasal conchae.

  • Ethnarch

    [eth-nahrk] /ˈɛθ nɑrk/ noun 1. the ruler of a people, tribe, or nation. /ˈɛθnɑːk/ noun 1. the ruler of a people or province, as in parts of the Roman and Byzantine Empires

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